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Nature as inspiration

You only need to look outside and learn how to see, our environment is a grand showcase. In nature or in a big city, we are surrounded by shapes, movements, sounds, smells and textures that our senses capture, and most of the time we do not realise them but sometimes we are pretty conscious of them..

Design, just like any other creative process, needs a base of some initial parameters that should answer to the questions: what, why, and to whom?, and a fundamental component which is the source of inspiration.

For these creations, Nature and its textures has been the starting point of the creative process. Natural textures are skins wrapping up inanimate volumes that at times can be quiet lively, but they still form singular patterns which obey, like almost everything, mathematic processes or fractals. So without going any deeper, let’s just say that they are all products of Mother Nature’s whims.

Our closest environment is talking to us, we only need to listen. Discover the new collection of designer jewelry based on Nature’s patterns and textures.